About Us

Padmahastā Creations is an On-line Jewellery Shopping store offering wide selection of beautiful jewellery to choose from and add to your collection. We majorly offer Meenakari Jewellery along with other types of jewellery. Why Meenakari ? - Well, Meenakari is the process of painting and coloring surfaces of metals through enameling. In past enameling was done on gold but presently its done on metals of all types. Its mostly done in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Meenakari is one of the biggest indian traditional form of jewellery. But now a days as each women play so many roles in their life; that wearing such traditional jewellery has become only limited to very traditional occasions. In the daily life and casual occasions and social gathering todays' most of the women do not prefer sooooo much traditional jewellery...they prefer trendy ones more...!!!

So if you are someone who love your roots - your Traditions as well as love your super Trendy and contemporary life - we are here for you...!!!

And that's why we say -


We offer you all sorts of Traditional (especially Meenakari) jewellery as well as bring to you such a collection that has the traditional touch but can easily merge in your contemporary occasions and parties. You can wear them with Trendy Kurtis, Jumpsuits, Salwar Kameez, Pants, Gowns, you name it...as well as with Traditional and evergreen Sarees, Anarkalis, Suits, Ghaagharaa, unending list. Thus we want our Indian Traditions and New Trends to go hand in hand...why to let go off anyone...we want both together.

Now We are on website, but what about trending Instagram .. we are there also -- @ padmahsta_creations

We have brought this TO YOU; FOR YOU with lots of Love -- hope you like it. And regarding trust which is very important in today's scenario - we promise you to provide you value for your hard earned money in terms of quality product as well as our communicative service to resolve your any problems.

Also we are not only curators -- We are creators also -- some of the jewellery are our own in-house designs that are EXCLUSIVE and you won't find it anywhere -- only for you ( hope you like them !!!).


is related to each Woman as it is created for the Woman and by the Woman...!!! and also on the name of the DEVI...!!!

The word PADMAHASTā is sandhi (addition) of two words.

The word PADMA in Sanskrit, stands for lotus. Lotus is the sign of prosperity and beauty (both together) in most of indian religions. It is also depicts purity - as it rises from sludge (mud water) without stains. A fresh, bloomed lotus is used in the worship of gods and goddesses in Hindu temples. Also Lotus has a lots of significance in Muslims which can be seen in Taj mahal architecture. Even in Christianity, Jainism and Buddhism - Lotus is considered important. No doubt why "Lotus" is considered National Flower of India.

The word HASTA in Sanskrit is Hand. And the word HASTā (pronounced as Hastaa) means the Hand of A Lady.

Thus Padmahastā means the Lady (Devi) with Lotus in her Hand. -- Goddess Lakshmi --- with the Lotus in her hand goddess Lakshmi spreads her blessings of wealth, beauty and prosperity to her devotees. In same way Padmahastā Creations collection is rich in beauty and makes every woman extremely happy whenever she wears it. It always makes her Smile. You can view and enjoy visiting my curated and created products and make them your own.



Neha Mehta.